Maryland Tree Laws

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service has the laws in Maryland that pertain to the protection and care of local trees. There may be other laws regarding trees.

  • Forest Conservation Act
    Any activity requiring an application for a subdivision, grading permit or sediment control permit on areas 40,000 square feet (approximately 1 acre) or greater is subject to the Forest Conservation Act.

  • Forest Product Operators Law
    According to Title 5, Section 608, Annotated Code of Maryland, any person engaged in a forest products business must have a license issued by the Department of Natural Resources.

  • Maryland Seed Tree Law
    The law applies to harvested areas that are at least five acres in size, are at least 25% loblolly, shortleaf or pond pine prior to harvest and will NOT be converted to a non-forest land use such as agricultural or residential. .

  • Maryland Reforestation Law
    When highway construction using State funds causes the cutting or clearing of forests lands, the Maryland Reforestation Law requires that these trees be replaced. .

  • Maryland Tree Expert Law
    Any one seeking to practice or advertise tree care services in the State of Maryland must obtain a license from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

  • Roadside Tree Law
    Passed in 1914, this Law and its regulations were developed to protect our roadside trees by ensuring their proper care and protection and to ensure their compatibility with an efficient and dependable public utility system.