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Maryland's Clean Marina Initiative

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources' exciting Clean Marina Initiative offers marina and boatyard operators, and recreational boaters the opportunity to participate in efforts to protect Maryland's natural resources.

The Maryland Clean Marina Initiative recognizes and promotes marinas, boatyards and yacht clubs of any size that meet legal requirements and voluntarily adopt pollution prevention practices. DNR has certified nearly 25 percent of Maryland’s estimated 600 marinas as Clean Marinas or Clean Marina Partners and we aim to continue increasing this number moving forward.

Boaters are encouraged to patronize certified Clean Marinas and to adopt clean boating habits. The collective effort of individuals and businesses will improve the quality of Maryland's waters from Deep Creek Lake, to the Chesapeake Bay, to the coastal bays!

Resources for Boaters

Resources for Professional Divers

Resources for Boating Instructors

"Clean Boating Lesson Plan" - Short PowerPoint Presentations that fit easily into other classes. Help instruct boaters on Clean Boating Habits!

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Chesapeake Bay Hotline

Call 1-877-224-7229

to report any of the following

  • Boating accident or reckless activity
  • Fish kill or algal bloom
  • Floating debris that poses a hazard to navigation
  • Illegal fishing activity
  • Public sewer leak or overflow
  • Oil or hazardous material spill
  • Critical area or wetlands violation
  • Suspicious or unusual activity