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Certified Maryland Clean Marinas - W&P Nautical/222 Severn Avenue

W&P Nautical

W&P Nautical
222 Severn Avenue
410-268-7750 Fax

List of Amenities

  • 45 Slips
  • Parking
  • Accessible full bathrooms
  • Great views and easy access to the Chesapeake Bay
  • Restaurants on site and nearby
  • Water Taxi stop
  • On land storage or indoor maritime storage available

Examples of Clean Marina Practices

  • Storm water mitigation
  • Recycling

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Chesapeake Bay Hotline

Call 1-877-224-7229

to report any of the following

  • Boating accident or reckless activity
  • Fish kill or algal bloom
  • Floating debris that poses a hazard to navigation
  • Illegal fishing activity
  • Public sewer leak or overflow
  • Oil or hazardous material spill
  • Critical area or wetlands violation
  • Suspicious or unusual activity