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Governor O’Malley Kicks Off Maryland’s Partnership For Children In Nature
Our mission is to ensure that every child in every community experiences nature directly and develops a personal connection with our environment,” said Governor O’Malley. “These outdoor experiences build a sense of stewardship so that our children learn the principles associated with being responsible guardians of Maryland’s natural resources.”

September 19, 2008
Statement from Governor O'Malley
House Approval of No Child Left Inside Act

August 29, 2008
Expanding Environmental Education
A Message from Governor O'Malley

As one part of the State of Maryland’s commitment to re-connecting children and nature, Governor O’Malley has signed the Partnership for Children in Nature Executive Order. This Executive Order forms a public-private partnership that aims to provide structured and unstructured play activities for children in the outdoors.

Governor Martin O'Malley, Congressman John Sarbanes, Superintendent Dr. Nancy Grasmick and Secretary John R. Griffin kick off the Partnership for Children in Nature.

On August 20th, we kicked off the Maryland Partnership for Children in Nature with a rally hosted by the No Child Left Inside Coalition that included more than 150 students, educators and business leaders. During the rally, we introduced the program's 21-member board, who we have tasked with finding creative ways to enable children throughout our State to get outside and learn about nature and  make environmental literacy a part of every curriculum.

This important effort will be chaired by our Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nancy Grasmick, as well as our Department of Natural Resources Secretary John R. Griffin. At the federal level Congressman John Sarbanes, who sponsored No Child Left Inside, has also been a vital partner in this effort.

- Governor Martin O'Malley
BayStat Newsletter, August 2008