Maryland State Records

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collapse Division : Atlantic ‎(45)
Albacore (longfin)74 lbs.Victor W. Gardner II7/17/2004Baltimore Canyon
Atlantic Cod24 lbs.Fred Brungart5/31/201338 Miles S.e. Ocean City Inlet
Atlantic Spadefish11 lbs. 6.5 ozNoel Lohr9/2/2004Triple Wrecks
Black Seabass8lbs.Hayward Madison6/1/1978Jackspot
Bluefish23 lbs., 8 ozLillian Morris10/30/1974Assateague Island
Cobia94.6 lbs.Emma Zajdel6/30/2016Little Gull Shoal
Dolphin67 lbs., 8 ozKim Lawson7/21/198553 Miles Off Ocean City
Drum, Black79 lbs.Stanley Ilyes9/7/1985Bass Grounds
Drum, Red70 lbs.Robert Light9/24/1977Assateague Island
False Albacore22 lbs., 8 ozKevin Sheckells6/25/1995Third Lump
Flounder, Summer17 lbs.Anthony Vacari10/3/1974Assateague Island
Flounder, Winter5 lbs., 2 oz.Kevin Twilley 6/23/201526 miles east of Ocean City
Gray Triggerfish5 lbs., 2 oz.Wayne Gower10/31/2014Ocean City
King Mackerel47 lbs.Gerald Kauffman10/18/1985Big Gulf
Kingfish2 lbs., 8 ozGrace Walker10/1/1975Assateague Island
Marlin, Blue1,062 lbs.Robert Farris8/7/2009Baltimore Canyon
Porgy6 lbs., 3 ozPearl Hopple7/4/1966Fenwick Shoal
Shark, Black Tip193 lbs.Brian Zysk8/4/1991Ocean City
Shark, Blue280 lbs.Martin Waltman9/13/1997Ocean City
Shark, Dogfish, Smooth15 lbs., 5 oz.Gregg Bacchien5/22/1993Ocean City
Shark, Dogfish, Spiny11 lbs., 8 oz.Meyels Sampson5/17/1993Ocean City
Shark, Dusky469 lbs.Jim Liberto7/1/1982Ocean City
Shark, Great White467 lbs.Jack Holmes6/11/1992Ocean City
Shark, Hammerhead, Scalloped266 lbs 8ozScott Cusick8/8/2012Washington Canyon
Shark, Hammerhead, Smooth375 lbs.George Wilson Ford V6/17/2004Parking Lot
Shark, Mako876 lbs.Jim Hughes6/20/2009Poormans Canyon
Shark, Sand Tiger334 lbsBilly Leidner9/8/1983Ocean City
Shark, Sandbar235 lbsMark Sampson7/8/1983Ocean City
Shark, Thresher642 lbs.Brent Applegit6/19/2009The Fingers
Shark, Tiger1,210 lbs.Grace Czerniak7/9/1983Ocean City
Sheepshead17 lbs. 8 oz.Raymond Daniel7/25/2004Ocean City Inlet
Snowy Grouper66 lbsGregory Benn7/30/2012Norfolk Canyon
Spotted Seatrout13 lbs.Jack Miller8/21/1973Sinepuxent Bay
Striped Bass57.2 lbsGary Smith5/6/2006Assateague Island
Tautog28.8 lbsKenneth Westerfeld1/2/2015Ocean City
Tilefish, Blueline20 lbsRobert Purcell9/12/2012Norfolk Canyon
Tilefish, Golden62 lbs.Steve Doctor10/22/2009Baltimore Canyon
Tuna, Bigeye375 lbs., 8 ozCecil Browne8/26/1977Ocean City
Tuna, Blackfin32 lbs.Bob Zang9/20/199830 Fathom Line
Tuna, Bluefin625 lbs.James Daniels, IV8/3/197545 Miles East Of Ocean City
Tuna, Yellowfin236.5 lbs.Mark Bennett9/22/2002Washington Canyon
Wahoo131 lbs.John Schaar6/30/2014Rockpile
Weakfish16 lbs.Donald Cannon9/11/1976Ocean City Inlet
White Marlin135 lbs.George Pierson8/29/1980Poor Man's Canyon
White Perch1.65 lbs.Ryan Timmons7/30/2016Ayers Creek
collapse Division : Chesapeake ‎(29)
Atlantic Spadefish10 lbs.Charlie Barron7/15/2007Buoy 72
Black Drum103 lbs., 8 ozRobert Messik Jr.9/23/1973Buoy #16
Bluefish22lbs.Thomas R. Talbott5/8/1991Chesapeake Beach
Bluefish22lbs.Ronald Raffo5/31/1986Hackett's Point
Bluefish22 lbs.John Davidson10/18/1979Off Queen Anne Marina
Carp44 lbs., 6 ozJimmy Lake4/28/1978Morgantown Beach
Catfish, Channel29 lbs., 10 ozKevin Kern4/26/1997Mattawoman Creek
Catfish, White8.27 lbs.Jacob Vosburgh6/1/2017Lower Potomac River, Saint Clements Bay
Chain Pickerel6lbs., 8 ozJames Grant5/19/1965Susquehanna River
Cobia97 lbs., 12 ozJohn Scheifele9/12/1969Middle Grounds
Crappie4lbs.Sid Stollings3/30/2007Dundee Creek
Croaker6.52 lbs.Russell Knapp9/4/2006Point Lookout
Flounder, Summer15 lbs.Kenneth Grimes10/14/1978Buoy #50
Hickory Shad4 lbs.John Schaeffer Jr.7/23/1971Susquehanna River
Largemouth Bass11.18 lbs.Justin Riley1/26/2008Potomac River
Longnose Gar17 lbs.Justin Kelley7/31/2011Pocomoke River
Norfolk Spot2 lbs.Parlett Moore9/5/1978Tangier Sound
Red Drum74 lbs., 6 ozEarnest Hutchinson5/15/1977Tangier Sound
Rock Bass1 lbTimothy A. Adams5/4/1997Susquehanna River
Sheepshead13 lbs 5 ozDan Thomas9/16/2012Hoopers Strait
Smallmouth Bass6 lbs.Charles Janes7/23/1979Susquehanna River
Spanish Mackerel12.4 lbs.Dean Mitchell10/6/2007Middle Grounds
Spotted Seatrout16 lbs., 6 ozJohn Phillips5/15/1977Roaring Point
Striped Bass67 lbs., 8 ozDevin Nolan5/13/1995Bloody Point
Tautog9 lbs.Gary Halbeisen10/29/2005Point Lookout
Weakfish16 lbs., 8 ozWayne Lappe5/8/1979Nanticoke River
White (american) Shad*8 lbs., 2 ozVance Carter5/3/1975Wicomico River
White Perch2 lbs., 10 ozSid Stollings5/18/1979Dundee Creek
Yellow Perch2 lbs., 3 ozNiles Pethel11/21/1979Marsh Creek
collapse Division : Invasive ‎(3)
Catfish, Blue84 lbsEd Jones8/13/2012Near Fort Washington, Potomac River
Catfish, Flathead55 lbs.Vacant
Northern Snakehead18.42 lbs.Emory (Dutch) Baldwin III5/20/2016Potomac River
collapse Division : Nontidal ‎(24)
Bluegill3 lbs., 7 ozSarah Brenneman8/9/1998Deep Creek Lake
Carp47 lbs., 8 ozWayne Longenecker6/11/1997Frederick County Farm Pond
Catfish, Bullhead3 lbs. 6ozZelijko Koretic8/11/2007Loch Raven Reservoir
Catfish, Channel27.92 lbs.Steven Trent Abell7/5/2004Upper Potomac River
Catfish, WhiteMin Wt 7 lbsVacant
Chain Pickerel8 lbs. Lee Haile III 1/2/2015Salisbury
Crappie4 lbs. 7 ozsJason D. Morrison5/30/2004Farm Pond
Largemouth Bass11 lbs. 6 oz.Colton Lambert7/31/2013Huntingtown Farm Pond
Muskellunge32.5 lbs.Tessa Cosens5/6/2017Upper Potomac River, below Dam #5
Northern Pike24 lbs., 12 ozShawn Jacobson10/16/1999Deep Creek Lake
Redbreast SunfishMin Wt 14 ozVacant
Redear Sunfish2 lbs., 5 ozVittie Alkocius6/4/1985Gilbert Run
Rock Bass1 lb., 8 ozEarl Jenkins IV3/22/2010Thurmont Farm Pond
Smallmouth Bass8 lbs., 4 ozGary Peters10/4/1974Liberty Reservoir
Striped Bass47 lbs, 2 ozRobert Bruce9/14/2000Liberty Reservoir
Tiger Muskellunge29 lbs, 4.75 ozKevin Conner2/14/1997Dam # 5
Trout, Brook6lbs., 1.75 ozMike Fiorita, Jr.4/10/1999North Branch Of The Potomac River Below Randolph Dam
Trout, Brown18 lbs., 3 ozGary Kuhn8/3/2001North Branch Of Potomac At Barnum
Trout, Cutthroat7 lbs. 9 ozDavid G. Martin5/20/2000North Branch Of Potomac At Barnum
Trout, Rainbow14 lbs., 3 ozDave Schroyer10/21/1987Savage River Reservoir
Walleye14 lbs., 4 ozJohn McCarley5/16/1998Jennings Randolph Reservoir
Warmouth9.76 ozDon Perantoni8/7/2009Cash Lake
White Perch1.90 lbsGeorge Venker4/7/2017Loch Raven Reservoir
Yellow Perch3 lbs., 5 ozPhilip Deere IV3/12/2006Harford County Farm Pond