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LAST UPDATED October 27, 2004



The low pressure system, full moon and the northeast winds that have been with us through the weekend really piled up the water in the Chesapeake Bay and made for some big surf conditions on the coast. Many docks on tidal waters had water slapping underneath and minor flooding along the Eastern Shore was common. When it blows from the northeast big time, it makes me yearn for the beaches. The first good northeaster in the fall would always belch up a wealth of odd stuff lost by the summer beach crowd. Paper money, sneakers, all sorts of fishing tackle and valuable plugs would come forth from the oceans watery grasp to be deposited onto the beach. It was also the time to stock up on surf clams to be used for bait for the fall migration of striped bass and for porgy (scup) fishing.

Despite some rain and wind many fishermen on the Chesapeake Bay went out and many enjoyed some good fishing. Fishing on the upper bay remains good especially in many of the tidal rivers. True there are a lot of small striped bass, but fishermen are enjoying the bounty and having a lot of fun. Most all of the major tidal rivers in the upper bay are offering very good fishing and the chumming fleet continues to have a lot of action at locations like Swan Point and Love Point.

The best action in the middle bay continues to be at the Goose's if you want to find the fish day after day. The tidal rivers are all offering very good opportunities for shallow water fishing fun. Whether you choose to cast lures to shoreline structures or cast to breaking fish, there is a lot of action to be had. Those fishermen who know how to slow troll and bottom bounce are scoring big time on some nice striped bass on rock piles, hard bottom and channel edges.

The lower bay and Tangier Sound region continues to offer some excellent fishing for striped bass by chumming; early limits are the norm. A few boats are starting to troll and look for the first of the larger fall migrants up the bay. None are reported yet, but this could be the week for the first ones to show up. Bluefish continue to blanket the area and most fishermen will agree, you can catch all you want.

Freshwater fishing continues to pick up as all fish become more active. Trout fishermen are enjoying the bounty of trout placed in all stocked waters by the fall trout stocking and uncrowded conditions. Largemouth and smallmouth bass along with walleye and muskies are all very active now and delighting fishermen.

The offshore fishing scene shows a lot of promise for this week as sea conditions calm. There are a lot of tuna and albacore headed our way from up north so the fishing should be good soon. Surf fishing also holds a lot of promise as migrating large striped bass and bluefish move through our waters on their southward travels.

Quote of the Week:

"At the alter, I little realized I was pledged to love, honor and obey three outboard motors, the ways of the river, the whims of the tide and the wiles of the fish, as well as Bill, the man of my choice."

Beatrice Cook 1949


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Keith Lockwood
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