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As we move into the early stages of June with Father’s Day just around the corner; a number of the dads out there may find themselves reflecting on what it is to be a father and how to capture every moment of the fleeting childhood of our children. Time does not wait for anyone and ask any empty nester and they’ll tell you the same thing; savor every minute because they disappear quickly.

Largemouth Bass

It is of course wonderful to go fishing with our buddies but try not to do it at the expense of leaving young ones or older ones for that matter at home; share the thrill and you’ll find you’ll receive a lot more in return. A friend sent in this picture of his daughter that has always loved to fish with him and I kidded him about how fast kids grow up and the words on a poster that hangs in my office from the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation which reflects those very thoughts.

    Take me fishing because my wedding will be sooner than you think.
    Take me fishing and show me that worms aren’t really icky.
    Take me fishing, you can think about work later.
    Take me fishing because I get the giggles when the boat bounces
    Take me fishing because my wedding will be sooner than you think.

This week is National Fishing and Boating Week from June 1-8; June 7th and the 14th are free fishing days in Maryland so it is a great time to introduce someone older than the age of 16 to the sport of fishing. For the youngsters there is no time like the present even if they are not your own; grab the neighbors or someone else’s you know and introduce them to fishing. You’ll receive a lot of satisfaction and fun from the experience; certainly a lot more than the effort expended. There are a number of children’s fishing derbies in the next two weekends and the added excitement of winning prizes plus expert instruction and loaner tackle in many cases is a deal hard to beat for kids. Check this week’s Middle Bay as well as the Central/Southern and Eastern Freshwater Reports for more information on a fishing derby near you.

Fishermen in the Susquehanna Flats area are reporting good fishing for striped bass less than 28” in size; mostly in the shallower areas and topwater lures seem to be a favorite. Fishermen feel that boat traffic is a factor as well as tide in successfully finding fish near the channel areas. Farther down the upper bay region, fishermen are trolling andFishing on the Bay chumming for their striped bass and occasionally jigging over suspended fish. Fishing for white perch has been very good in most of the tidal river areas and on a number of the hard-bottomed knolls and shoal areas. In the middle bay region fishermen are finding some of the best striped bass action in the Thomas Point/ Gum Thickets area south to the old Gas Buoy. Many are trolling but an increasing number of fishermen have been chumming and with good results. The lower bay region fishermen are reporting good to excellent catches of school-sized striped bass in the region by trolling, chumming and light tackle jigging on breaking fish. Cory Symenski was out fishing with his dad recently out of Taylor’s Island and Cory gives it his all, as he strains to reel in 37-inches of striped bass.

Bluefish are very much a part of the mix in the lower bay region now and fishermen are finding them in chum slicks or chewing up trolled baits. The croaker fishing in the lower Potomac River continues to be excellent and other areas are now coming online such as the Tangier Sound area and the lower sections of tidal rivers up to the Choptank River. Black drum are being caught on the Stone Rock, white perch fishing in most tidal rivers and selected hard-bottomed areas in the bay has been Brown Troutgood. Recreational crabbers are reporting fairly good crabbing in the middle and lower regions of the bay with catches ranging from a ½ bushel to a full bushel of crabs per outing.

Freshwater fishermen in the western region are enjoying good fishing in Deep Creek Lake and similar lakes in the region for a mix of smallmouth bass, walleye, largemouth bass and various panfish. Fishing on the upper Potomac and similar waters has been good this past week as flow rates have settled down and cool waters have smallmouth bass and trout actively feeding. Bo Fowler holds up a beautiful brown trout for the camera that he caught on the North Branch of the Potomac.

Fishermen are finding good fishing for largemouth bass in the other regions of the state as most largemouth bass are now entering their post-spawn mode of behavior finally after a very cool spring. Trout fishermen should be aware of a new invasive alga that is transported by the soles of waders and need to learn how they can help prevent its spread. Fisheries biologist Charlie Gougeon fills us in on what fishermen can do in the Central Region report.

Sea BassFishermen are catching flounder in the back bay areas of Ocean City and Assateague Island, tautog, bluefish and striped bass in the Ocean City Inlet area and a mix of sharks, striped bass and bluefish in the surf. The wreck fishing fleet has been catching limits of tautog and fair to good catches of sea bass such as this nice looking specimen.

The Maryland Fishing Challenge continues through this month and until September 1st. Fishermen are encouraged to register any fish they catch that meets theFishing Challenge minimum size criteria at a Citation Center to be in the drawing for a number of prizes which include a new 4x4 Tundra pickup truck, a boat, motor and trailer outfit and thousands of dollars in prizes. On Monday, June 2, Maryland’s most desired rockfish was released into the Chesapeake Bay as part of the 2008 Maryland Fishing Challenge. A $10,000 reward and a $5,000 diamond are being offered for his capture. Anglers can read more about the kick-off event here. Four young anglers from Western Maryland that attended the 60th annual Battie-Mixon Fishing Rodeo have recently been entered into a special youth category of the contest. These young anglers, along with 15 other children to be randomly chosen from fishing rodeos across the state, will be entered to win quality fishing trips with a mentor at the 2008 Maryland Fishing Challenge grand finale in September.


Quote of the Week:

"… the sporting qualities of a fish are dependent neither on its size nor its weight, but on the effort of concentration, the skill and mastery it demands from the fisherman."

Charles Ritz

Click here for information concerning harmful algae blooms

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