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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

Fishermen at Deep Creek Lake continue to enjoy good fishing for smallmouth bass by casting tubes and soft plastics under floating docks. They noted that the smallmouth bass are starting to hold at the deeper ends of the docks; which could signal they are preparing to head to deeper water soon. The largemouth bass are finally starting to finish up spawning and the females can often be found near deep secondary points. The males tend to still be in the shallower coves protecting the nests. As water temperatures warm largemouth bass will soon begin to move for shade and cover under blow downs and floating docks. Bluegills are still spawning in the coves and are aggressive; yellow perch are being found in the deeper areas of the coves and walleyes are being caught in the main lake waters in about 10’ to 15’ of water.

Fisheries biologist John Mullican sent in this report from the upper Potomac River. Fishing on the upper Potomac continues to be good. The "Dog Days" of summer are upon us and though the smallmouth bite has slowed a bit, it is still consistent. Try white buzzbaits or other surface baits around the edges of the water willow grass beds during the early morning or late evening hours. If there are some boulders and current the spot becomes even better. CarpBouncing tubes or 4" worms on the bottom in deeper pockets below ledges or riffles will find some of the larger bass.

While motoring upriver last weekend I came across Rob Ford and his daughter Jacqueline anchored in a deep pool. Jacqueline’s rod was bent in a deep arc as something very big and very strong struggled to escape. She patiently and skillfully played the fish until her father could wrestle it into the net. Jacqueline proudly shows off her big carp, quite possibly the strongest fish that swims in the Potomac. The summer months are a great time to tangle with these bruisers. Corn is a very effective and readily available bait. Most savvy carp fishermen, however, have developed their own secret dough-ball recipes. For the purist, try spot and stalk fly fishing. Make no mistake, carp are very wary in shallow, clear water and difficult to get on a fly, but when you do, hold on tight!

Central/Southern Region:

Fishermen looking for some summertime largemouth bass fishing action are finding the Largemouth Bassfish are now holding to a summer pattern of behavior. The largemouth bass are most active during the low light cool early morning and late evening hours. This tends to suit fishermen as well when they are trying to avoid the blistering mid-day heat and sun. Casting soft plastic topwater frogs or buzzbaits near grass beds and shallows is an effective and fun way to catch largemouth bass. As the sun rises in the sky fishermen will be switching to deeper and more shaded water for largemouth bass and working soft plastics such as whacky rigged plastic worms or small crankbaits near deep sunken wood. Alice Liu was enjoying a quiet evening of casting a Storm swim shad in a small pond in Kingsville when she caught and released this nice largemouth bass.

Fishermen are also enjoying good fishing in the many tidal rivers and creeks within the two regions. Again most fishermen are finding the best fishing in the early morning and evening hours. WalleyeThey are catching a variety of species such as largemouth bass and chain pickerel in most areas but one river the Susquehanna has a number of cold water species such as walleyes. Noah Phillips of Darlington enjoyed a morning of floating down the lower Susquehanna in his kayak and sent in this short report. I caught and released six species of fish. A walleye, smallmouth, white perch, striper, sunfish and catfish were caught; a Susquehanna slam plus two. A total of 18 fish were caught that morning.

Eastern Region:

It’s the good old summertime on the eastern shore of Maryland and fishermen are getting up early or going out in the evenings to fish for largemouth bass that are holding to a typical summer pattern of feeding behavior. The fish just like fishermen like to beat the mid-day heat so the height of their activity is in the early morning and evening hours. The shallows and grass beds are where the bass like to prowl for their food; which can range from a crawfish or small bait fish to the more exotic items that happen to find their way into the water such as small snakes, frogs, mice and even a duckling from time to time. The weedless topwater soft plastic frog baits have been a real favorite lately amount bass fishermen. One can cover a lot of territory with one and they’re relatively easy to fish. Buzzbaits are probably the number two “go to” surface lure for bass fishermen these days and also make a good surface lure. As the sun rises in the sky fishermen have been extending their stay at the favorite fishing hole by using whacky rigged or Texas rigged plastic worms or the ever popular grub or tube to reach bass that are holding deep and tight to shaded sunken wood. Small crankbaits or small spinnerbaits can also be a good option for this type of fishing. Don’t forget docks and piers; skipping a bait under a shadedLargemouth Bass dock is a good way to find a lounging largemouth bass taking a mid-day siesta. Brian Mills of Baltimore, MD caught this 4 lb. largemouth in an Eastern Shore pond during a weekend visit. Here is his short report. We caught 15 fish total, on 3 inch Powerbait Grubs (white with brown ribbon tail) set to a 1/8 ounce jighead. The bite came late and kept going until the sun was completely down. This fish was caught through thick reeds and grass and put up a great fight.

Fishermen working the tidal rivers in the region for largemouth bass generally are reporting the same window of time for the best fishing. They also like to have a ebbing tide; preferable at the bottom end; which tends to cause largemouth bass to move out of the shallower sections of grass beds or spatterdock fields and hold on the outside edges prowling for small bait fish moving out also.

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