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Latest Update: September 3, 2008

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Maryland Fishing ChallengeThe 2008 Maryland Fishing Challenge has concluded for this year, but the excitement is not over yet. Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 13 and plan to attend the finale at Sandy Point State Park. Come for a day of fun in the park, and to see who will win the boat, truck and fishing gear!

If you’re a member of the facebook community, look for Diamond Jim in the Baltimore, Maryland network for event photos and the latest conversations about the contest.

The Details -


Anyone who was outdoors this past week could not help but feel there is a bit of change in the air. The mornings are cooler and the days are becoming noticeably shorter. The warm fronts are not quite as warm and the cool fronts a bit cooler. Water temperatures are beginning to show some decline and fishing can only get better from this point on.

Upper Chesapeake Bay region fishermen have been finding good fishing for a mix of small bluefish and striped bass from the general area of Pooles Island south to the Bay Bridge. Often the mix of blues and stripers are being encountered chasing baitfish either on the surface or below the depths. Some of the best action has been occurring near the various knolls and reefs south of Brewerton Channel. Live lining spot continues to be a popular way of catching striped bass at locations such as Podickory Point, Love Point and the Bay Bridge piers. Trolling umbrella rigs and tandem bucktails has also been an effective method of catching striped bass and bluefish.

Middle bay region fishermen are finding a mix of large bluefish, striped bass and Spanish mackerel from the Gum Thickets south. The steeper channel edges in the main stem of the bay have been providing the most consistent action for those live lining spot, trolling or jigging to concentrations of fish. Croakers continue to be caught in some of the deeper waters and flounder are being caught on some of the hard bottomed shoal areas; white perch are being caught at the east rock pile at the Bay Bridge and in the tidal rivers.

Lower bay region fishermen are enjoying one of the best Spanish mackerel seasons anyone can remember; with the fish spread out over a wide area. The Spanish can be found mixed in with the plentiful bluefish that are chasing bait throughout the main stem of the bay. Striped bass are mixed in with the melee of chasing bait but are often underneath the surface action and can be caught by jigging or trolling. Croaker and spot fishing continues to be good in many of the traditionalBlue Crab deeper locations; flounder are being caught in good numbers by those fishermen targeting them.

Recreational crabbers are reporting good crabbing in all three regions of the Chesapeake and the crabbing is reaching a peak in many areas. Angelina Watts spent a morning this past weekend crabbing with her dad in the Wye River and holds up one whopper of a Jimmie for the camera.

Fishermen in the western region continue to enjoy good trout fishing in the North Branch of the Potomac and numerous other trout waters. The upper Potomac is running low and clear and offering good fishing for smallmouth bass. Fishermen have been fishing the early morning and late evening hours for largemouth bass in the numerous tidal rivers, lakes and farm ponds throughout Maryland. Alan Klotz sent in this picture from Deep Creek Lake as the sun sets on Labor Day.Sunset at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

Coastal fishermen continue to catch flounder in the back bay areas of Ocean City; surf fishermen are catching a typical summer mix of small fish species. The boats heading out to the wrecks and artificial reefs report fair sea bass fishing, very good fishing for large flounder and the first croakers are showing up close to the beach.

Fishermen venturing out to the offshore waters are experiencing good fishing for bluefin tuna at locations such as the Hot Dog and Hambone and are also reporting a mix of dolphin, wahoo and a number of white marlin releases.

The Pasadena Sportfishing Group is sponsoring a kids fishing derby on September 20th at Fort Smallwood Park. The derby will run from 8am until 11:30am; for information call 410-439-3474 or visit

Quote of the Week:

Yet fish there be, that neither hook nor line nor snare, nor net, nor engine can make thine.

John Bunyan 1678

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A Couple of Closing Notes...

Don't hesitate to e-mail your recent fishing/crabbing photos and trip information. Send your photos via E-mail by the following Monday in order to be included in the next update. The file should be in .jpg format with the longest side sized at 600 pixels. Please try to keep the file size small, under one megabyte. The photo should clearly depict the angler(s), fish, and ethical handling practices. For information on ethical angling practices please reference the Catch and Release information located at URL:
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