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Latest Update: October 29, 2008

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Ocean Side Fishing Report

Real-time water information for selected points in the Coastal Bay

Now that the flounder season is closed most fishermen have been focusing on the good tautog fishing that is occurring at the Route 50 Bridge/Inlet area this week. Ocean City InletFishermen are fishing from the bridge, bulkhead areas and the jetties and finding a much larger grade of tautog from just a week ago. Most fishermen are using pieces of green crab or sand fleas but some fishermen are using fiddler crabs and pieces of blue crab with equally good results. Surf conditions have been rough over the weekend as this picture shows as this jetty fisherman tries to head for a better footing and safer ground.

Towards the evening hours fishermen are catching increasing numbers of good sized striped bass by casting Storm type swimming shads or drifting live eels, finger mullet and spot. A few big sea trout are being caught every night and small bluefish continue to move in and out of the inlet every evening. Striped BassNathan Reichenbach holds up a nice 34 striped bass he caught in the Ocean City Inlet from shore while drifting a finger mullet.

Surf fishermen had a tough time fishing last weekend due to rough surf but conditions are expected to improve later on this week. The surf is thick with small bluefish and fishermen have been catching all they want on finger mullet. A number of larger bluefish have been showing up this week and the numbers of large striped bass is definitely on the increase.

The boats trying to head out to the wreck sites have been having a difficult time with the strong winds but when they do slip out they have been finding a mix of sea bass and tautog. The large bluefish are moving through the region and can be a problem at times cutting sea bass off behind the head. A number of boats reported catching a mix of striped bass and bluefish while trolling within a couple miles of the beaches earlier this week.

Persistent and strong winds have been making it difficult for anyone willing to try to head offshore. A few boats slipped out on Sunday and reported wahoo and white marlin at the Hot Dog. One boat reported limiting out on wahoo and releasing four white marlin.

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