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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

Despite some rainy and chilly conditions lately fishermen have been enjoying some wonderful fishing for smallmouth bass, walleye, largemouth bass and yellow perch at Deep Creek Lake. The good fishing should continue this week as water temperatures inch into the high 60’s. Smallmouth bass in the 13” to 17” size range seem to be everywhere along the shorelines of the lake. More floating docks are appearing everyday and smallmouth and largemouth bass are moving right in. The largemouth bass are holding tight under the docks and the smallmouth are holding off in slightly deeper water. Walleye are holding close to the rocky bottom areas along the shoreline. Live shiners, leeches and nightcrawlers are good baits to use as well as small crankbaits, tubes, and jigs.

Many of the region’s rivers and creeks have been feeling the effect of runoff from heavy rains recently and the upper Potomac in particular. Josh Henesy sent us this short report and picture to prove the point. Isolated storms this weekend became a significant factor in water clarity throughout the upper Potomac. River conditions quickly went from favorable to muddy. Fish activity has slowed down as well. Prior to heading out this week, check local tributaries and river conditions. This picture is of Back Creek flowing into the Potomac. Back creek is located in West Virginia upstream from McCoy’s Ferry in Washington County.

Central/Southern Region:

Freshwater fishermen can expect good fishing for largemouth bass this week as moderate water temperatures keep the bass in a post spawn feeding pattern. The bass are roaming the shallows during low light periods looking for anything that looks good to eat. Fishermen are reporting good success with a variety of surface lures such as prop baits, buzzbaits and poppers near shallow grass beds and structure. As the sun holds higher in the sky deeper structure such as fallen timber in the region lakes, reservoirs and tidal rivers are typical haunts for largemouth bass. Various soft plastics, jigs, grubs, crankbaits and spinnerbaits are good choices there. The large reservoirs of the central region have been handling the runoff from recent rains well and usually only the upper portions of the reservoirs are showing stained waters. Stephanie Eilerman was working a plastic worm off a deep grass bed in Loch Raven Reservoir while fishing with her husband when she caught and released this nice largemouth bass.

The tidal Potomac has been showing some stained water this week due to runoff but fishermen have been finding clearer water in the upper ends of tidal creeks feeding into the river and the inside edges of grass lines. This seems to be where the better fishing for largemouth bass has been this week. Fishing the thick grass has been better on a high tide and the marsh edges are best fished on a falling tide. Surface lures have been better in the low light parts of the day over the grass and fishermen have been switching to spinnerbaits and soft plastics during the sunniest times of the day.

Eastern Region:

Fishing for largemouth bass in the upper shores tidal rivers such as the Sassafras has been good this week as fishermen are working the thick grass to their advantage. Largemouth bass are holding in the thick grass and dropping soft plastics down through thin openings in the grass is paying off for fishermen. High tide tends to one of the best times for this type of fishing as is working surface lures such as buzzbaits over the thick cover.

The tidal river waters of the middle and lower shores waters are also producing some good fishing for largemouth bass near shallow cover such as spatterdock fields and often a falling tide is a good time to find them holding in slightly deeper water outside the shallow cover. Deeper cover in the form of fallen tree tops, old piers, stumps and old sunken wood are good places to fish where spinnerbaits, crankbaits and soft plastics are good choices.

Fishing for channel catfish remains a great option for many fishermen this week in most of the tidal rivers of the eastern region. Jeffery Yohe caught this big one while fishing off the dock at the Mattewstown Road Boat Ramp on the Tuckahoe River recently.

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