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To post a report please email your name, hometown, photos, location information, and the content for your report to All information is optional, but encouraged.

Important Note: If anyone in your picture is under 18 years of age, we must have a photo release signed by a parent/guardian before we can post your picture. By sending any photos or art to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources you are giving DNR permission to use the image(s) online and in print. You are also giving DNR permission to distribute the photo for non-commercial purposes to other media, print, digital and television for their use. You are not giving up your copyright, but are allowing the photo(s) to be used for educational and news purposes. All Photos will be made available on Fisheries Service Flickr Page.

There will be a 2013 end-of-year random drawing from angler's participating in any of the Volunteer Angler Surveys. We encourage anglers to continue to report snakehead catches through the Inland Freshwater survey in addition to their Angler's Log submission. The information helps our biologists better understand the various species and water systems they utilize.

Maryland Fishing Challenge Logo showing striped bassA new component of the Maryland Fishing Challenge includes invasive species reports submitted to the Angler's Log. Beginning during the 2013/2014 tournament, Angler's Log entries which include Blue Catfish, Northern Snakehead or Flathead Catfish, at any length in size, will be eligible for up to two prizes via a random drawing at the annual Maryland Fishing Challenge Finale. Fish must be kept and a photo showing the kept fish is mandatory. Multiple entries are allowed, but each fish can only be entered once. Remember, all invasive species must be dead to be entered and there is no catch and release category. Visit the Maryland fishing Challenge web site to read the complete set of rules.

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  1. Joe Schindler, Recreational Angler
  2. Severna Park, MD
  3. Total Reports: 1
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Posted on July 22, 2014 | Permalink

Magothy Pickerel

Type: Tidal
Region: Southern
Location: Upper Magothy River

I typically catch pickerel throughout the year especially early spring and fall. Surprisingly this is my first pickerel of the year on the Magothy River. It was caught on a white twister tail with chartreuse jig head. Came in at 24'', I will be filling out my citation form.

Tags: Chain Pickerel

  1. Jeff Sells, Recreational Angler
  2. Fort George G. Meade
  3. Total Reports: 1
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Lake Allen Success

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Lake Allen

It was a great morning for fishing at Lake Allen. This Largemouth Bass is one of 4 similar caught on a football jig in less than 3 hours near the dam.

Tags: Largemouth Bass

  1. Ben Philip, Youth Angler
  2. Total Reports: 1
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Posted on July 21, 2014 | Permalink

Father and Son Fishing

Type: Chesapeake
Region: Upper Bay
Location: Near Bay Bridge

Ben and his dad, Joel went fishing on Saturday morning July 12th, 2014 near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge before the weather rolled in. We were chumming for rockfish, and using cut bait. No luck with the rockfish, but Ben did catch a nice 18" catfish! Great job Ben!

Tags: Catfish

  1. Jonas Williams, Recreational Angler
  2. Prince Frederick, MD
  3. Total Reports: 3
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Point Lookout Rockfish

Type: Tidal
Location: Point Lookout State Park

This 20 rock was caught on a Gulp swimming mullet near Point Lookout State Park About a dozen other rockfish below slot size were caught and released on top water lure and jointed minnow.

Tags: Striped Bass

  1. David Redden, Recreational Angler
  2. St. Leonard, MD
  3. Total Reports: 13
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Posted on July 21, 2014 | Permalink

Beautiful Mid Day Bite

Type: Freshwater
Region: Southern
Location: Prince Frederick

With the temperatures hovering in the lower 80's and the bright bluebird skies, I went to check out a fishing spot one of my students told me about just outside of Prince Frederick. With the big rain we received earlier in the week, the water was pretty stained. I decided to give a purple curly tail worm a try. I caught two nice largemouth on that. After a little bit I switched over to a crank bait and ended up catching two more as well as a nice crappie. All in all a nice stop on the ride home from the doctor today.

Tags: Largemouth Bass, Crappie

  1. 123 Fishing Rigs, Recreational Angler
  2. Fort Washington, MD
  3. Total Reports: 5
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Spot and Croaker Trip

Type: Tidal
Region: Southern
Location: Potomac River

I boat fished the lower Potomac between Cobb Island and 301 bridge in 15 17 feet of water. I fished from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Caught 32 jumbo Spot and 5 keeper croakers. Not too bad for a 2 hour trip.

Tags: Atlantic Croaker, Spot

  1. Bryan Dorman, Recreational Angler
  2. California, MD
  3. Total Reports: 1
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Posted on July 21, 2014 | Permalink

Mid Bay Success

Type: Chesapeake
Region: Mid Bay
Location: Mouth of Choptank

Here are pictures of my 43 inch and 39 inch Striped Bass. They were caught aboard the Widow Maker with Captain Bill Bonner in the Chesapeake Bay by the mouth of the Choptank.

Tags: Striped Bass

  1. Solomon Jovenal, Recreational Angler
  2. Westminster
  3. Total Reports: 1
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Susquehanna Rockfish

Type: Tidal
Region: North Eastern
Location: Conowingo Dam

Here is a picture of the fish I caught at the Conowingo Dam. It was caught with a small buck tail.

Tags: Striped Bass

  1. Tyler Lee Collier, Youth Angler
  2. Fayetteville, PA
  3. Total Reports: 1
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Posted on July 21, 2014 | Permalink

Solomons Striped Bass

Type: Chesapeake
Region: Lower Bay
Location: Solomons Island

Tyler caught this 40.5 inch Striped Bass at Solomons Island.

Tags: Striped Bass

  1. Jeremiah Harrington, Youth Angler
  2. Total Reports: 3
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Posted on July 17, 2014 | Permalink

My First Smallmouth

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Monocacy River

Jeremiah was pre-gaming for the state championship when he caught his first smallmouth in the Monocacy River, near Urbana District Park.

Tags: Smallmouth Bass

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