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Posted on February 7, 2013 | Permalink

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Middle and Little Patuxent

I fish the Middle and Little Patuxent every winter mostly to keep my casting and hook setting up to par and the itch needs to be scratched sometimes even in the dead of winter. Thanks to the DNR stocking both these rivers in the fall every year the trout tend to holdover through the winter and into spring especially in the Middle Patuxent because there is a delayed harvest restriction here. On Jan. 30th I parked at the one lane bridge on Old Columbia Rd. at approximately 8 am and walked downstream untill I hit my favorite pool. After I got a few chub at the head of the pool on a phesant tail I changed to a rootbeer colored streamer with barbell eyes my brother always ties for aggressive trout fishing and on my second strip of the line…BAM got my second rainbow trout of the winter at about 14 inches! I have noticed that in the winter after a light rain when the water is milky green in the deeper pools and clear in the shallow areas is the absolute best time to go because the fish cannot see above the surface and are not as easily spooked by the line coming on and off the water meaning that you can get closer to them without spooking them. Also in winter, especially in streams like the middle Patuxent that don't have many hatches but are loaded with forage, you want to use very large flies (if you think its to big go one more size up and you will catch fish!).

By the way I wanted to ask if anybody knows how bullhead catfish 8 & 10 inch ended up at the Savage Mill section of the Little Patuxent are they spawning or what? Got them at sunset trying to catch chub for blue catfish bait ironically enough!

DNR Response: Matthew, bullheads are a common year round resident stream fish in central MD. They are found throughout the Patuxent watershed and would definitely spawn in most of the streams in the watershed.

Tags: rainbow trout, bullhead catfish