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Posted on May 1, 2013 | Permalink

Wye Mills Variety

Type: Freshwater
Region: Eastern
Location: Wye Mills Lake

On saturday 4/27/13 I fished Wye Mills and caught 2 bass at 12 inches, a couple sunfish at 5-7 inches, and about 70 Crappies at 7-9 inches. The Crappie hit almost every cast.

Q: One of the Crappie I caught had yellow fins. Is this common?

A: Color variations are quite common in fish. As you noticed, the water in Wye Mills was off-color. The water has a light-brown, kinda yellowish color. Fish regularly take on the colors of their surroundings. I havenít seen it so pronounced, but that doesnít mean that it's abnormal. Many fish, especially those caught from REALLY muddy waters are more silvery, and washed out. Conversely, fish caught from clearer water usually are much more vibrant. Its far from the rule, but thatís what Iíve seen in my experiences on the water. Glad you had some luck.

Tags: Crappie, Bass, Sunfish