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Posted on June 10, 2013 | Permalink

What's the Snakehead World Record?

Type: Tidal

I've kill one more Snakehead, and its numbers came up to 35 inches and 17.5 pounds... I just want to know if we have some kind of state record or something like that...because the previous snakehead that I killed, it was shorter than this, but heavier…I remember it was 18 pounds. If you guys have any information about any state record. I would appreciate it.

DNR Response: Maryland does not have a State Record for Snakeheads. The world record from Japan is set at 17 lbs 4 oz . There was a fish over 18 pounds caught last year but The International Game Fish Association, which keeps the world records, likes to have girth and length measurements for record-breakers, and this wasn’t done. This year, we have heard of an angler catching a 17 pounds 6 oz in Aquia Creek. He is in the process of getting it certified by the International Game Fish Association. If in the future you are certain you have a world record, then he’ll need to have it officially weighed in and contact the World Records Coordinator, Jack Vitek at 954-924-4246 or Whether it’s a world record or not, Great Job!

Tags: Northern Snakehead