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  1. Ryan Gary, Fisheries Intern
  2. Catonsville
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Posted on July 23, 2010 | Permalink

Patapsco River Sampling

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Patapsco River

On Thursday of this week Steven Cuccia and I traveled to Catonsville, Maryland where we electro shocked the Patapsco River in two different spots. Our first sampling location was at the dam by the Old Paper Mill right off Thistle road in Catonsville. This spot had its difficulties shocking, mostly because the river was wider than ones previous and the section we were sampling was a very fast portion of white water. We had two different ways of shocking the water. The first was a backpack form, which had one anode (Where the electricity flows into the water) and was powered by a battery. The other way was a barge that was pulled by one member of the team. The barge held a generator and ports for 4 anodes. We had around 10 shockers to make sure that most fish couldnít slip through between each shocker. The electro shocker stuns the fish so they arenít able to move for a brief time period. Once we saw a fish we would net it and put it in a bucket on our way up stream. Once we had finished the section we would bring all the fish back to the starting point where they would be put in a larger container with holes in it so fresh water can pour through. Then we would begin to count each fish, and every time we came along a game fish like Striped bass, Smallmouth bass we would measure it. The purpose of sampling these sections of river is that some dams are being removed on the Patapsco and when they are removed they are going to compare the numbers of fish, and species of fish found. This will determine whether the dam was a positive influence or a negative influence on the river.

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