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Posted on October 05, 2010 | Permalink


Invasive Fish Species Caught in Prettyboy Reservoir

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central North
Location: Prettyboy Reservoir

Hello, this is a non-native fish I caught in Prettyboy Reservoir this past Sat (10/02/2010). The fish was about 12 inches long, I would guess it 1 Ĺ lbs. I took photos (below) of the fish, it was dirty from rolling around on the bank, it also seemed to lose its scales easily. After looking around at photos on the internet, I believe this fish to be a Red Oscar.


DNR's Response - Hello Jason, thank you for sending in your report, we believe you are correct in identifying the fish as an oscar. Periodically we get reports of oscars, pacuís and other warm water fish from the aquarium trade, we have no evidence these types of fish can survive the winters in Maryland waters but we do not want dumping any type of invasives into the local waters for obvious reasons.

We (DNR) must emphasize the fact that one misplaced and (climate) tolerant species liberated into the waters of the state could promote damage to existing fisheries that may not be recoverable. We must further emphasize the fact that introducing fish and aquatic organisms into waters of the state without authorized permission is illegal . Thanks again Jason for bringing this to our attention.

Tags: Recreational, Freshwater, Prettyboy, Invasive, Red Oscar