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Posted on November 21, 2010 | Permalink

Lower Tangier Sound Artificial Reef Site

Type: Chesapeake
Region: Southern
Location: Lower Tangier Sound Artificial Reef Site

A follow up to the fishing report posted by Fisheries Biologist Erik Zlokovitz. Two days later on Friday (11/19) myself, Fisheries Biologist Marty Gary, and underwater videographer Nick Caloyianis conducted MARI reef monitoring dives on the same Lower Tangier Sound Artificial Reef site built in 2007 with material from the Woodrow Wilson bridge. The following images show the reef to be alive with life. Within seconds of descending to the bottom we saw schools of stripers swimming around us and started encountering numerous tautog, a few as big as 24" in length. The concrete slabs and rubble from the bridge are now covered with water filtering tunicates, oyster of all size, ghost anemones, mussels, and red beard sponge.

Living amongst the marine growth were lots of mud crabs, naked gobies and the occasional toad fish. This site along with many other reef sites we have monitored are like a small oasis surrounded by a sand desert. Our long diving day ended with the following beautiful sunset over our Chesapeake Bay. For the location of this reef site and other MARI sites visit the following DNR Artificial Reef link and if you would like to donate to MARI to support other reef projects please visit:

Tags: Artificial Reef, Tautog, Striped Bass