Location of the Cooperative Oxford Laboratory
The laboratory is located on the Tred Avon River, a tributary of Chesapeake Bay, which is the largest estuary in the United States. The site is on 11.5 acres in the Town of Oxford on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and includes beachfront, tidal and non-tidal wetlands, pine forest, and an oyster sanctuary.

Scenes from the beach at SCOL

Scenes from the beach at SCOL

Tred Avon River

Picture of site at SCOL


Annapolis to Oxford

  1. Take U.S. Rt. 50 east towards Easton
  2. Turn right on MD Rt. 322 (Easton Bypass)
  3. Turn right on MD Rt. 333 to Oxford
  4. When entering the town of Oxford - slow down to 25 mph
  5. Turn left at the water's edge and the flag pole onto South Morris Street
  6. Follow the street to the end