Sample Procedures


1. Captain Dave White pilots the RV "Miss Kay"
to the fall survey station coordinates.
2. Water quality is measured.

3. On a signal from the captain,
the dredge is lowered overboard.
4. A GPS is monitored for tow distance.

5. At a predetermined distance,
the dredge is retrieved.
6. The dredge is brought onboard and the
contents are dumped onto the dredge table.

7. A 1/2 bushel subsample is taken. 8. The 1/2 bushel subsample is spread
onto the culling table.

9. The sample is sorted for live
and dead oysters.
10. Once sorted, the sample is double
checked for small spat.

11. A typical spat. 12. Oysters collected are measured
for shell height.

13. Data sheet for a standard fall survey station. 14. At a disease station, a representative
subsample is bagged.
Fall Oyster Survey