Snapping Turtle Workgroup

The snapping turtle workgroup was formed and began meeting when Maryland DNR obtained authority to manage the species with regulations in 2007. This regulatory authority was needed to address high international demand for turtles in an environment that lacked limits on the fishery. The workgroup is composed of scientists, watermen, conservation and pet interests, a seafood dealer, an aquaculturist, a trapper and wildlife control operator and law enforcement. The meetings are co-chaired by Fisheries Service and Wildlife and Heritage Service.

The purpose of the snapping turtle workgroup is to review the status of the resource and to recommend management actions to Fisheries Service for the management of the species for sustainability. Questions about snapping turtle biology and management should be directed to Rick Morin or 410-260-8272. Questions about snapping turtle commercial fishing permits and eligibility should be directed to Chris Jones or 410-260-8343.