The Forests Across Maryland
Maryland's forested land is almost entirely privately owned. In 1955, there were nearly 3 million acres of forest land in Maryland. Since 1955, at least 85% of forested land has been owned by private individuals and corporations including forest industry. Forest industy held less than 7% of these private lands.

By 1989, there were fewer than 2.5 million acres of forest land. Nearly all of it was owned by private individuals. Forest industry owned only 5%, or 130,000 acres. Federal, State, and local entities owned 280,000 acres, or 10% of the forest land. Between 1955 and 1976, the number of private owners increased by more than 60,000 from 35,000 to 95,800. By 1989, there were over 130,600 private owners of forest land. In 1976, 55% or 52,690 owners held less than 10 acres. By 1989, the number of owners holding less than 10 acres increased to 65% or 84,890. For more information, see (example a) and (example b). Each property is sold on an average of once every 12 years. The majority of private forest landowners lived within one mile of their property.

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This information provided by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service

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