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The Value of Urban Forests

Seeing the Forest Through The Trees

Forests and trees...natural resources that can be cared for thoughtfully to enhance our quality of life and can be used, protected, and replanted for the future. But is planting and caring for trees an easy task or a daily challenge?
Walking Tour of the Trees of Historic Annapolis
Although Annapolis is well known for its preservation of historic architecture, many of these sites are home to a variety of unique, unusual and “historic” trees. Surviving centuries of change from horse and buggy to modern tour busses, these trees are our LIVING link with the past.
The Benefits of Urban Trees
Trees make communities livable for people. Trees add beauty and create an environment beneficial to our mental health.
Trees for Maryland's Watersheds
You are part of a watershed. The health of your watershed affects your life everyday. Whether you live in the mountains, or on the Eastern Shore, city or country, you need clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing and many other uses.
Wherever you live...You Live in a Watershed
A watershed can be as large as the entire Chesapeake Bay drainage basin, which covers 64,000 square miles. All precipitation falling on this six-state region eventually drains into the Chesapeake Bay .
Roadside Trees and Utilities

Planting & Care of Your Treemendous Trees

Your Guide to Community Forest Assistance Programs

Helps you identify and contact tree planting and conservation programs that are the best match for your talents, interests, and needs.

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