Walking Tour of the Trees of Historic Annapolis

Maryland State House

by the Annapolis Tree Committee

During colonial times trees were valued for their practical, commercial, and decorative uses. Today we appreciate trees as a living resource that enhance our environment. Trees clean and cool the air, recycle oxygen and carbon dioxide, and provide esthetic, if not spiritual, amenities.

Although Annapolis is well known for its preservation of historic architecture, many of these sites are home to a variety of unique, unusual and “historic” trees. Surviving centuries of change from horse and buggy to modern tour busses, these trees are our LIVING link with the past. The purpose of this tour is to help you find and identify these grand dames of Annapolis throughout the historic area.

This tour is brought to you by the Annapolis Tree Committee, a group of local citizens committed to the appreciation and preservation of our City’s tree resources. We believe that by highlighting these ancient trees that have witnessed centuries of history, we will gain your support in preserving them. Please enjoy the tour and take home a renewed dedication to the urban forests in your community.

Begin from here Begin your tour by parking at the city lot on Rowe Boulevard next to the Naval Academy Stadium. Ride the shuttle into the Visitor’s Center.

A site map is found in the website. Be sure to try the Leaf Quest activity on the final thought as you tour each of the sites.

Annapolis Tree Committee Members
Frank Biba
Rick Cooksey
Jon Chapman
Ces Goldstein
Susanne Pogel
Anne Sloan

This tour is dedicated to Mr. Colby Rucker, an extraordinary man, who has spent his life studying Anne Arundel’s trees.

the DNR Seal Tree Tour booklet was funded by the Environmental Commission of Annapolis, through the City of Annapolis. the City of Annapolis Seal

Text by Ces Goldstein
Design by Raya Koren, West River Publishing
Photo imaging and map illustration by Peter Jones
Liberty tree sketch by Susanne Ducker

Last updated on November 20, 2001.

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