Guide to Black Bear Hunting in Maryland

Comments from Maryland's Black Bear Hunters

Jason, Ethan, Cole, Jenna & Cheryl Holler
Jason, Ethan, Cole, Jenna & Cheryl Holler

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Maryland Black Bear Hunters

Those who have participated in Maryland Black Bear Hunts have had a lot to say…

The following are comments DNR received from sportsmen who participated in the 2012 Maryland Black Bear Hunt. It says a lot about the quality of the experience and the support the DNR staff provides.

  • I think you have done a wonderful job. Very Knowledgeable, Harry Spiker knows his job well! Thank you it only 9 yrs to get a permit I am glad I did had a great time thank you!

  • I was very impressed with the entire process.

  • Prehunt session was excellent! Overall, one of the greatest hunting experiences I had in my 68 yrs of hunting dspite the lack of a successful kill!

  • I was proud to be picked to hunt bears, I'll apply again. Thank you.

  • Prehunt Mtg was very informative. The next time I will spend tiem scouting. I enjoyed the whole experence very much.

  • Saw lots of fresh scat and fersh tree scratches, maybe missed bear by day.

  • I felt that the people working the check station could not have been any nicer. Great job by all!

  • I like what you guys have done to bring bear hunting to MD. I know you have put up with a lot of protest. Therefore, I thank you very much. However, I do think it is time to consider opening the season to all licensed hunters, with a tag fee, for a limited number of days or day.

  • Everything to me seems to working well.

  • I think the program is run very well. Well organized, meeting was timely and educational. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Great program, keep up the good work!

  • Everything was great. My son had a fantastic time even though we did not see a bear.

  • I'm sorry to say I could not hunt bear this year but you're staff and you're program is by far very proffessionally administered. I had been trying for three years to get a permit and then I tore my knee up and I could not go hunting. I know I have to start all over but i will be trying again next year!!

  • It takes a long time to drawn in, I think it took 7 yrs for me? The Program is well handled, thanks,

  • All and all you have done a fine job. I do think there are more bear in the George Creek area than you may estimate. I saw 6 different bear on a 1000 acre area during my scouting. Please consider adding an alternate for the subpermittee if they can only attend part of the hunt. Thanks for a job well done!

  • No issues, you guys do a good job. A weekend hunt would be helpful for people that have to work.

  • It was a fun experience and the quota set for 2012 was a pretty good set because it gives everyone a chance to hunt once.

  • Seems to me like most bears are taken on private land vs public. I think the prehunt mtg was very informative.
  • Good experience, weather was a bit warm.

  • Prehunt meeting was informative and interesting short and sweet.

  • This hunt was great. This is my first bear I ever shot, was so glad that I got one. Was amazed at how many bears we did see. Would be great if subpermittee could hunt without permittee. Also would like to see more tags available to hunt area residents. 25% is nice but 50% would be better. Thanks for the chance to hunt a MD black bear!

  • Application process is very good, easy to understand.

  • Very well run.

  • Enjoyed hunt very much very good experience hope to hunt bear again thank you very much.

  • Excellent job managing black bears and all aspects of black bear hunting season. I think the number of black bears is greatly underestimated.

  • I had a great time hunting bear in your state. Your systems are working. Keep up the good work!

  • Application process good. Quota system good. Registration process good. Prehunt mtg good. Hunting Regs good. No dogs/bait/etc good.

  • Application process was easy. Outstanding job all the way around!!! The herd is healthy and well managed. Orientation was informative and timely. Quota system works well. Check system folks were great! Keep up the good work!

  • Great Program - Hopefully I will have another chance to do this.

  • The program is operated very well! Staff is professional! Staff is very courteous! Personally, my only recommendation would be to have the bear hunt a week later. That would make the weather/temperatures more suitable. I understand that the weather can be inconsistant in western MD that time of the year!

  • Best thing that's ever happened to me and I was able to share this experience with my dad. Everything about the process was smooth, informative, and efficient.

  • Very well designed program to control the bear population.

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