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MDNR Zebra Mussel Meeting, Annapolis, MD 1-30-09

“The discovery and collection of six individual adult zebra mussels (Dreissena polymorpha) in the lower Susquehanna River in November/December 2008 prompted the Invasive Species Matrix Team, within the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, to organize an informal information exchange meeting held at the USFWS office in Annapolis on January 30, 2009. Two zebra mussels were found in the Maryland portion of the river (one at and one upstream from the Conowingo Dam). The other four specimens were found in Muddy Run Reservoir, a tributary to the lower Susquehanna about 6 miles upstream from the MD-PA border. The purpose of this meeting was to bring everyone up to speed on the zebra mussel situation in Maryland, discuss potential ecological and economic impacts, and develop action items that resource management agencies, municipal water users, and electrical power companies can achieve to help control and contain this non-native, potentially invasive mussel in the lower Susquehanna”

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