Guide to Finding DNR Publications

The easiest way to find a particular DNR publication is to contact the library. Provide as much information about the publication as possible, such as title, author, date, and program within DNR. If you would like to conduct a search yourself, here are some places to look:

DNR Carter Library Catalog
The DNR Library Catalog includes links to pdf documents from the library's Digital Archive of DNR Documents and the Bibliography of Chesapeake Bay Grey Literature.  DNR staff can check out library items. The public is welcome to use print resources here in the library.

Maryland State Archives, Government Publications
Includes links to digitized DNR publications when available. Print publications can be accessed by visiting the State Archives. Please contact Christine Alvey at the state archives for help searching this site.

Maryland State Law Library
The collection at the Maryland State Law Library includes many DNR documents. Links to pdfs are provided when available.  DNR staff may check out books from the State Law Library by visiting the library.

Coastal Zone Information Center Digital Library
This website contains pdfs of many DNR documents digitized by NOAA's Coastal Information Center.

DNR Program websites
Individual programs often post their most recent or most popular documents on their websites for download. Go to the DNR Homepage for links to more programs or to search DNR webpages.

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
If you wish to own a copy of out of print DNR publications, some can still be obtained from the National Technical Information Service for a fee. It's always a good idea to contact the DNR library before buying, however, to see if a copy can be obtained some other way.



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