Maryland Environmental Trust

Volunteer with MET

MET is responsible for protecting 130,000 acres in perpetuity. Across Maryland, volunteers work alongside MET staff on everything from office assistance to easement monitoring. These volunteers enable our staff to accomplish their work more efficiently.

Volunteer opportunities are quite flexible. You decide when, where, and how often you contribute. Volunteers only need to attend training and commit to monitoring 8 properties per year. Volunteer can also work in the office.

Your time is valuable to us. Independent Sector—a national nonprofit that supports charitable organizations—says that one volunteer hour in Maryland is worth $23.05, (The estimated value of volunteer time for 2012 is $22.14 per hour). Therefore donating one hour each week is equivalent to donating more than $1,000 a year. MET is a charitable organization (recognized by IRS), so your volunteer expenses are tax-deductible. MET also reimburses mileage and offers MET swag (hats, and other apparel) and an annual volunteer appreciation event as a way to say thank you.

To join the MET team and help us to protect Maryland’s scenic open space, farms, and forests for generations to come, please contact:

MET Volunteer Coordinator:
Jamie Salabogi