Volunteer With New Germany, Big Run and Casselman River Bridge State Parks

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers at New Germany State Park.

Friends of New Germany State Park (FONG) - New Germany

The Friends of New Germany State Park (FONG) is a non-profit volunteer club dedicated to supporting the park through a variety of means. Members of FONG provide hands-on assistance with park programs, special events, and fundraising for the park. They also provide behind-the-scenes support by serving as advocates for the park and assisting with various promotional efforts for the park.

Contact the Friends of New Germany at:

Friends of New Germany State Park, Inc.
Christine Campe-Price
c/o 349 Headquarters Lane
Grantsville, MD 21536

Adopt-A-Trail – New Germany

New Germany State Park has 9 trails available for “adoption,” ranging in distance up to 2.5 miles. By adopting a trail, an individual or group agrees to provide excellent information and customer service to other trail users, and provide routine maintenance for the trail, including clearing downed trees and debris, picking up litter, and checking for other safety concerns. This program is perfect for frequent trail-users, and can be very rewarding for those who have a genuine interest in trail stewardship. Volunteers are encouraged to hike, bike and snowshoe or ski to accomplish these tasks, though you must provide your own equipment. All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application and demonstrate competency with trail maintenance tools. Applications are available at the New Germany Headquarters Office.

Camp Hosts – New Germany

Camp Hosts are a valuable part of the volunteer team at New Germany State Park. Camp Hosts provide assistance with a variety of tasks throughout the camping season, including welcoming new campers, keeping campsites clean, promoting park programs and events, and providing campers with general information about the park and surrounding area. Camp Hosts are required to contribute at least 20 hours of volunteer work each week, for a minimum of four weeks. In return for their efforts, Camp Hosts receive a free campsite with electric hook-ups. Interested persons are encouraged to apply, although positions are limited. Applications are available at the New Germany Headquarters Office. A background check is required.

Special Projects – New Germany, Big Run and Casselman River Bridge

Any volunteers or organizations seeking a special project are encouraged to contact New Germany’s Volunteer Coordinator, Ranger Julia Wieners, at the address below. Ranger Wieners will work together with the volunteer(s) to plan and develop a project based on the needs of the park and the interests and skills of those involved.

Internships – New Germany, Big Run and Casselman River Bridge

The New Germany State Park Complex gladly welcomes students interested in pursuing a career in natural resources. Internships are not paid, though they are very experience rich. We will work with the student directly to select a project that meets the needs of both the parks and their graduation requirements. Self-motivated and ambitious students may contact the Volunteer Coordinator at the address below.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact the New Germany State Park Volunteer Coordinator:

Ranger Daniel Lewis
New Germany State Park
349 Headquarters Lane
Grantsville, Maryland 21536


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