​Washington County

South Mountain State Park
c/o South Mountain Recreation Area
21843 National Pike
Boonsboro, MD 21713



Driving Directions:

Hours of Operation:

8 a.m. to Sunset

Certain activities are permitted outside of the regular park hours (e.g. fishing, boat launch, hunting where permitted). Please check with the park before your visit if you plan to engage in an activity which requires you to be in the park before or after the posted hours.

Pet Policy:

​Pets are allowed in South Mountain State Park.

Hunting Policy:

  • General hunting permitted on 4,000 acres of designated hunting areas
  • Archery-only hunting permitted on additional 170-acre area
  • Hunting permitted on State Park property only - hunting prohibited on all National Park Service property
  • Hunting permitted Monday-Saturday

South Mountain State Park

South Mountain State Park is a 40-mile long multi-use state park weaving along the South Mountain ridge from the Pennsylvania line to the Potomac River. It has no distinguishable boundary or entrance facility. South Mountain State Park can be accessed at a number of locations. Most of the park is only accessible by foot.

Guided climbing at Annapolis Rocks requires a special use agreement to be completed in advance. Call the park for information.Appalachian Trail hikers



Maryland's portion of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail is situated along the ridge top of South Mountain. You can make a simple day hike, an overnight backpack trip or a multi-night excursion part of your South Mountain adventure. Use a detailed Appalachian Trail map to plan your outing, available for purchase at Greenbrier and Washington Monument State Parks. South Mountain features several impressive scenic vistas, including High Rock, Black Rock, Annapolis Rock, White Rock and Weverton Cliffs.


Several notable historic figures have influenced South Mountain's history, including General Edward Braddock, George Washington, William McKinley, Rutherford B. Hayes, Robert E. Lee, George B. McClellan, and George Alfred Townsend. To learn more about the history of South Mountain, visit South Mountain State BattlefieldGathland State Park, and Washington Monument State Park.


South Mountain State Park’s 13,000-acre forest is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including black bears, meadow voles, whitetail deer, raccoons, rat snakes and opossums. Please be respectful to the wildlife: keep your distance and do not disturb! South Mountain is also along the Eastern Flyway, a migration route for hawks, eagles and owls.


South Mountain State Park includes two hunting areas. A Maryland hunting license and knowledge of the Maryland hunting seasons is required. There is no hunting on Sundays. Access is limited, so be prepared to hike long distances. To improve your hunting experience, scout out the areas prior to hunting season. You may use the Appalachian Trail to access the hunting areas, but the Appalachian Trail Corridor is a non-hunting area. You cannot hunt until you are 150 yards away from the Trail in either direction.

Make sure your weapon is unloaded in the safety zones and also while hiking to your destination through non-hunting areas. Respect private property. Off road motorized vehicle use is strictly prohibited. Remember that many hikers using the trail may be unaware of hunting seasons. Boundaries are marked with yellow paint. A yellow line indicates you are looking into state property; a yellow dot indicates you are looking into private property.

Be sure to consult your Maryland Guide to Hunting and Trapping for season dates and bag limits.

Hunters may enter / remain on park property outside of the regular posted hours provided that they are engaged in legitimate, authorized hunting activity.

South Mountain State Park
c/o South Mountain Recreation Area
21843 National Pike
Boonsboro, MD 21713

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