Self-Guided Opportunities
Location Put and take trout fishing on the Little Falls and Beetree Run
Gunpowder Falls State Park Hereford area, Baltimore County, 410-592-2897
Near the Northern Central Railroad Trail, from Bluemont Road north to Freeland.
Access Parking is located along the Northern Central Railroad Trail at White Hall Road and York Road in Parkton for the Little Falls, and at Bentley Road and Freeland Road (reached via York Road).
Suitable For Families? No
Difficulty Advanced
Hazards/Restrictions Anglers aged 16 and over need a freshwater fishing license and trout stamp. There are no tackle restrictions. Check the Maryland Freshwater Fishing Guide for current creel limits and size. Some banks are quite steep. Use caution when accessing the stream. Check for ticks upon returning. Be sure to access the stream from park property (the Northern Central Railroad Trail) and avoid private property.
Potable Water Water is available at Freeland. Restrooms are located along the Northern Central Railroad Trail at White Hall and Freeland Roads.
Natural Features The river has views of pastoral settings and farm fields. Nearby wetlands teem with spring peepers (a tiny frog) and other amphibians. Beaver activity is obvious by the gnawed trees along the river. Wildflowers are plentiful, including spring beauty, goldenrod, asters, and others.
Historic/Cultural Features The Northern Central Railroad Trail is a former railroad bed (c. 1840) that once transported milk from local farmers into the city of Baltimore. President Lincoln traveled on it to deliver the Gettysburg Address. The rail line later served as a commuter train until the early 1970's when Hurricane Agnes destroyed the railroad. The trail visits quaint farm towns and passes by historic train stations at Monkton, Maryland and Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania.
Rentals/Guide Services Backwater Angler on Monkton Road (410-329-6821) rents boots, rods and reels. They also have flies available for purchase and provide the latest updates on river conditions. Backwater Angler provides guided flyfishing for trout, smallmouth bass and panfish (bluegills).

Food is available at several restaurants along York Road in the Hereford Area.
Camping Organized youth group camping is available at Camp Wood on Bunker Hill Road. A private recreation park and campground is located in Freeland.
Other Points of Interest Put and take fishing is also available on the Big Gunpowder Falls nearby. Within an hour's drive are several other streams with put and take fishing, including Little Gunpowder Falls, Deer Creek, Big Elk Creek and Principio Creek. Twenty miles of hiking trails line the river gorge in the Hereford Area. The Northern Central Railroad Trail is a favorite for hikers, bikers and horseback riders. Bike and tube rentals are available locally. Families enjoy tubing and canoeing the river.
Other Accommodations Bed and breakfast facilities are located in Parkton. Hotels are located in the Hunt Valley area. The Mill Pond Cottage, a quaint park-owned home located on Masemore Road, has been renovated for overnight rental accommodations. Call 410-592-2897.
Service Charges or Permits A fee is required for the Maryland Freshwater Fishing License and the trout stamp. Both can be purchased at the Bel Air Regional Service Center or some area sporting goods stores.
Description Beetree Run is a small, non-stocked trout stream that holds brown trout. The stream is a series of shallow riffles and pools and is difficult to fish due to its narrow width and heavy streambank cover. Little Falls is more open and wider than Beetree Run, yet smaller than the Big Gunpowder Falls. Little Falls is stocked with rainbow trout and some brown trout.

The stream is a series of riffles and pools and its banks provide easy access streamside. This put and take fishing opportunity for trout is available using bait, flies or artificial lures. Those with fly tackle have the most luck. Check the current Maryland Freshwater Fishing Guide for creel limits and special regulations. Fishing is permitted year-round, except during closure periods for stocking. Check current fishing regulations for specific dates. Current information on stream conditions and hatching activity can be obtained from On The Fly in Monkton at 410-329-6821.

Resources Recommended Gear and Safety Tips
  • A wading staff, fly rods from 7 to 8 feet in length for a #3-#5 line, or ultra light spinning tackle with 1 to 4 pound test line and small spinners
  • Wear good sturdy hiking or wading boots (no felt-soled waders or boots)
  • Wear long sleeve shirts and a hat when fishing from the grassy bank area to provide protection from ticks
  • First aid kit
  • Wear sunglasses and sunscreen