Volunteer Coordination System Instructions

Welcome to the Maryland Park Service’s statewide online volunteer coordination system. Please access the system from the Maryland State Parks web page http://dnr.maryland.gov/publiclands/ and click the VOLUNTEER tab on the upper right.


Note: wherever you see a question mark in parentheses (?), if you hover the cursor over it, it will give you a help message


To login to the system, click on “Registration/Login” on the Volunteer Menu on the left side of the Maryland State Parks Volunteer Page. If you are a registered user, go to Existing Volunteers (on the right), enter your User ID and temporary password, and then click “Log in”. (New volunteers follow the instructions on the left side of the page).

Change Your Password

Login to the system with your User ID and temporary/current password. On the Volunteer Menu on left, click "Update Profile." Scroll down to the Personal Information section and find two boxes on the left labeled Password and Verify Password. Delete the contents of the two boxes labeled “Password” and “Verify Password” and then type in your new password exactly the same in both boxes. Please note that your new password must be 8-30 characters in length, contain at least one number and may not be the same as your User ID.

If you forget your password, you can request it again by clicking on “Forgot your password.”

Update Your Profile

You may add, delete or change any information in your profile. To delete, highlight the information and press delete on your keyboard. To add missing information, type the correct information into the appropriate boxes. Change any information by deleting what is currently there and replacing it with the correct information. To update your availability, interests, activities, employment status and other languages spoken, if any, check and uncheck the appropriate boxes as necessary. Once you are satisfied with the content of your profile, please click the “Save” button on either the top or bottom right of the form.

Only boxes with an * are required fields, all others are optional.

Opportunity Search

On the Volunteer Menu on the left side, click Opportunity Search and use any one of the five search buttons to find volunteer opportunities to your liking:

  • scroll through an alphabetical listing by title of all state park opportunities in Maryland by clicking the “Search” button on the right.
  • search by a specific keyword to find all opportunities that contain that word in the title or the description. Enter the keyword in the Title and/or Description box, and click the “Search” button on the right.
  • search by a park name to see all opportunities at a specific park by clicking on the arrow of the drop down menu, highlighting the park of your choice and clicking the “Search” button on the right.
  • search by a zip code and distance to see all opportunities within a given radius of a location by entering a zip code and a distance in miles and clicking the “Search” button on the right to see all of the opportunities at all state parks within the specified radius.
  • search by your personal preferences such as availability, interests, activities, etc., by checking the appropriate boxes and clicking the “Search” button on the right to select the desired criteria. Then for each criterion check the appropriate boxes and when finished, click the Search button on the top right.

For Details or to Sign Up for an Opportunity

Once you find an opportunity that is of interest, click on the link on the right that states “click here for details or to sign up.” You will receive a detailed description of the opportunity and other pertinent information. If this is the right opportunity for you click “Sign Up.” When you do, both you and the Volunteer Coordinator will receive an email automatically from the system confirming your sign-up.

View My Referrals

If the opportunity that you signed up for is a “Referral” opportunity, it requires an additional action to be taken by the Volunteer Coordinator before you are placed in that opportunity. It may be an interview, a screening, a background or finger printing. You are essentially on a waiting list until notified otherwise, by the Volunteer Coordinator. You can not perform volunteer service or report hours for that opportunity until placed. When you click on “View My Referrals” you will see a list of all of the referral opportunities that you have signed up for by park.

View My Placements

If the opportunity that you signed up for is a “Placement” opportunity, then you are automatically placed and you can perform volunteer service and report hours for that opportunity. Unlike a referral opportunity, no additional action is required by the Volunteer Coordinator. When you click “View My Placements” you will see a list of all of the placement opportunities that you have signed up for by park.

Report My Hours

For each volunteer opportunity that you have been placed in, there is a “Log Book.” Once you have performed volunteer service in any of your assigned opportunities, you can report your hours. When you click “Report My Hours”, a drop down menu appears containing all of the Log Books for your placed opportunities. Select the appropriate Log Book and then using the calendar and times, enter the start & end times of your volunteer service.

In the box below, specify/calculate the number of hours. Please note: (1) the number of hours is not automatically computed for you from the times entered, and (2) your travel time to & from the park and your home is not considered volunteer time. There is also a text box where you can make any entry related to your volunteer experience. This information will be seen by the Volunteer Coordinator and stored in your record.

View My Hours

This allows you to specify a time period with a start and end date at the top, and view all of your entries for all of your Log Books in that time period sorted by opportunity and by park and then summarized at the bottom. By checking the appropriate box on the left you can either edit or delete an entry as necessary.

Log Out

To log out of your account simply click on “Log Out” and it will return you to the Maryland Park Service Volunteer page.

Thank you for using the online volunteer coordination system. If you have any questions or need help, please contact your Volunteer Coordinator.