Take Action – Things You Can Do

The core message of sustainability is to use and conserve resources in a manner that enables future generations to enjoy the same or a better quality of natural resources and living conditions. We need to rethink the way we live and make large scale changes to move towards a more sustainable Maryland.

Learn about changes you can make at your home and office. Individual efforts completed by everyday citizens will combine to make your small effort look massive. Be sure to also share this link with your friends and co-workers. The most important person to spread the message about living sustainable is you. It means much more for your friend or co-worker to hear about what you are doing and they will be more likely to follow in your footsteps.

An example of a change you can make is to install a rain garden or rain barrel. A strategically placed rain garden will help to reduce the amount of nutrients and sediment (dirt and soil) from reaching streams and rivers. The abundance of nutrients and sediment in the Chesapeake Bay are a major source of pollution leading to degraded water quality. Rain barrels serve the same purpose but store water or distributed through a soaker hose to gradually water lawns or plants.

To learn more ways to help the environment, please visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s website.

Get Involved

Take time to volunteer in your neighborhood or community. Volunteering is a great way to make new connections and find people who share your interests. There are many opportunities and your contribution will be appreciated.

Sustainability Events

Find out what is going on in your area. Links for event calendars from other agencies and organizations are included in our list. If you have a question about a specific event, make sure to contact the group hosting the event.

Take Time to Enjoy the Resources

Even living at the outer reaches of the state, one can make it from the beach to the mountains in a half-day. State Parks are a great way to get away and watch the leaves change color or get a quick history lesson.

Chesapeake Bay Health Information Maryland's Green Website

Sustainability Tip

Install a rain garden or rain barrel to catch rainwater. Stormwater rushing off of roofs and lawns carries pollution directly into streams and the Bay. Rain gardens and rain barrels slow the water down and keep pollution out of our waters. Click here for other helpful information.

Join the Sustainability Network

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The Sustainability Network is a place where interested citizens, businesses and organizations can share ideas on projects and make connections between others who share their interest.