Trust Fund Capital Improvement Grants

The RFP cycle for the Trust Fund Capital Improvement Grants is now CLOSED.

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Chesapeake & Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund Capital Improvement Grants

Maryland’s Chesapeake & Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund is targeting the most cost-effective nutrient and sediment reduction projects in areas of the State that have been heavily impacted by prior development. Awards will be made by an inter-Agency review panel based on cost-effectiveness (cost per unit of nutrients and sediments reduced), reduction efficiency, and readiness to proceed. Please review the Request for Proposals for a full description of the funding opportunity and project criteria.


Funding is available to local governments and non-governmental organizations, including bi-county agencies, counties, municipalities, forest conservancy district boards, soil/water conservation districts, resource conservation and development councils, academic institutions and nonprofit organizations having a demonstrated ability to implement non-point source pollution control projects.

Individual private or commercial landowners; consultants, contractors, and other for-profit entities with demonstrated restoration experience are encouraged to apply in partnership with an entity identified above.

Geographic Targeting

CIP Target Map

Applicants must be working in urban areas to implement restoration practices that reduce nutrient and/or sediment delivered to the Chesapeake Bay. Using an intersection of the SPARROW model delivered loads and the 2010 Maryland Department of Planning land use and land cover data, the Trust Fund will target projects that will have the greatest impact on nutrient loading. Priority areas are shown in orange on the map above. Projects in urban areas across the Chesapeake Bay watershed will be considered with the goal of funding the most cost-effective projects; however, projects that fall within the orange areas in the overlay map will receive priority review.

To accurately geolocate your project site within this targeting map, use the Interactive Targeting Map in the sidebar.

Grant Terms

Up to $10 million will be granted to projects in FY 14. Projects will also be identified for funding in FY 15 and beyond; however, these amounts are yet to be determined. There is no maximum request. The minimum request is $500,000.


The Trust Fund is requesting that all Applicants submit an Intent to Apply Letter (template available in Useful Resources to the right) prior to submitting a full proposal.

November 15, 2013: Intent to Apply Letters due
January 31, 2014: Full proposals due by 5:00pm
March 1, 2014: Awards Announced

Please review the Request for Proposals for submission requirements and process.

Trust Fund Monitoring Protocols

DNR created a suite of protocols to be used when monitoring sites sponsored by the Trust Fund. These methods allow for consistent, accurate monitoring to ensure comparability for BMPs across the State. This allows Trust Fund managers to assess the effectiveness of BMPs and invest accordingly. The four protocols are:

Click on the links above to get the manual for each protocol.

Additional information on Trust Fund Monitoring can be found here.

NOTE: These protocols are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for projects funded with Trust Fund dollars. If your organization chooses not to use the methods to collect data, you will need to submit a written justification.

Issuing Officer

Gabe Cohee

Chesapeake & Coastal Service

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Tawes State Office Building E-2

580 Taylor Avenue

Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Phone 410-260-8753

Fax 410-260-8739

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