DNR Shines a Spotlight on Friends of Assateague State Park

Friends of Assateague State Park (FOASP)
2010 Spring Clean Up
April 17, 2010

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Spring Cleaning at Assateague State Park

On April 17, 2010, 35 FOASP volunteers (adults and children) came for the weekend to help the park prepare for the campground opening on April 28, 2010.

The volunteers divided into groups and completed projects such as:

  • constructing new bulletin boards;
  • installing sheetrock in a new office space;
  • painting several areas;
  • repairing picnic tables;
  • replacing fire rings;
  • maintaining bulletin boards along the bike trail; and
  • and trash pickup throughout the campground.
  • The park staff and the Maryland Park Service greatly appreciate the time and energy from this group of dedicated volunteers.

    In attendance were: Jody Shankman, Phil McMurray, Phyllis Collins, Ken Heath, Pat Heath, Joe Huszar, Vince Giacomini, Jamie Farkas, Lory Porter, Howie Heuttl, Eileen Heuttl, Charles Guertler, Jim Smythe, Maureen Smythe, Craig Hopper, Jim Hoffman, Joyce Hoffman, Dave Mudge, Gail Stevens, Greg Stevens, Larry Wiggins Sr., Larry Wiggins, Jr., Dawn Wiggins, Cortney Weber (and the children were Hannah, Ethan, Garrett, Shane, and Seth), Jennifer Morris, Kim Alarcon, Deb Sarles, Joyce Kassouf, Jim Seigman, and Cathy Siegman.

    Thanks to all for your contribution of 255 hours for the weekend!

    Larry Martin
    Maryland Park Service
    Volunteer Coordinator

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