DNR Shines a Spotlight on Cedarville State Forest Volunteers

The Friends of Cedarville State Forest
February 19, 2011

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February 2011 Work Day

We are the Friends of Cedarville State Forest in Maryland. At the headwaters of the Zekiah Swamp, this gentle wooded area spans 3,510 acres with over 20 miles of trails. The Friends' mission is to support the park staff in maintaining a forest that beckons our neighbors and visitors to explore the rich loam and rolling terrain typical of southern Maryland.

The Friends are a strong partner in Cedarville’s operation. We have once-a-month workdays throughout most of the year, meeting on Saturday mornings to maintain the campgrounds and picnic areas, improve bridges and trails, and share stories and new ideas for other outdoor experiences.

There are many opportunities for volunteers. The Cedarville staff will help you choose some fulfilling activities. You can set your own hours and volunteer whenever you wish. Now is your chance to make your own mark. Join the Friends of Cedarville State Forest!

Larry Martin
Maryland Park Service
Volunteer Coordinator

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