DNR Shines a Spotlight on Cedarville State Forest Volunteers

The Mohican Bowmen &
Friends of Cedarville
March 27, 2010

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Cedarville's Biggest Volunteer Workday of the Year

The Mohican Bowmen, who are both partners in volunteering and stakeholders in Cedarville's success, worked along side the Friends of Cedarville to get ready for the coming season. The volunteers split up into five groups to clean & rake the campsites, split firewood, replace trash bag boxes, trail work, and picnic table replacement.

After the work was done, everyone met back at the shop area for a potluck picnic and a short meeting to say goodbye to Alison Woodfield who is transferring to Sandy Point State Park and to say hello to Amelia Matos who is transferring from Sandy Point to Cedarville State Forest. Larry Martin, the statewide Volunteer Coordinator brought thanks and greetings from the Maryland Park Service. Acting Park Manager Dan Akwo and Friends of Cedarville President Jose Acosta also thanked the group, thanked Alison and welcomed Amelia. It was a great day!

Larry Martin
Maryland Park Service
Volunteer Coordinator

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