DNR Shines a Spotlight on Friends of New Germany State Park


Friends of New Germany State Park
Planning Meeting
November 1, 2008


Friends of New Germany State Park Planning Meeting - photo collage

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The Friends of New Germany, Inc. is just one of the 25 “Friends of…” groups in the Maryland State Parks. Each group works with the park staff for the betterment of that respective park. Funds are raised by various means (including grants) for projects, special events and equipment needed.

On November 1, 2008 members of The Friends of New Germany met with Park Manager Mike Gregory to discuss plans for the future - some very ambitious. Among these are:

The Friends of New Germany has been very instrumental in a “Save The Lake” project and have been working with the Maryland Park Service Planning Chief, Butch Norden, and outside consultants about plans for the future of the lake.

Mike Gregory, Manager of New Germany State Park, is shown pointing out the location of the planned amphitheater, as well as the new “Native Plant Garden”. Mike also provided updates on the Maryland Park Service and the Department of Natural Resources.


The Friends of New Germany is a non-profit foundation established for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing park facilities, trails and programs.


For further information about volunteering at New Germany State Park, contact:


Melissa McCormick, Volunteer Coordinator
New Germany State Park
349 Headquarters Lane
Grantsville MD 21536



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