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DNR Shines a Spotlight on Soldiers Delight NEA Volunteers

Soldiers Delight Conservation, Inc.
Hunter's Breakfast
January 20 - 21, 2009

Photo Collage of Hunters Breakfast at Soldiers Delight NEA
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Report from Roberta Dorsch
Maryland State Park Service
Volunteer Coordinator


"Soldier's Delight is a unique natural area of global importance, and this coalition of scientists and volunteers has made amazing progress in restoring it. The change in the last twenty years is simply inspiring."

- Jonathan A. McKnight, Acting Director
Maryland Wildlife and Heritage Service

The Hunters Breakfast

On January 20th and 21st the Department of Natural Resources sponsored a Managed Hunt at Soldiers Delight NEA. Volunteers started several weeks ahead planning a breakfast for the hunters. This was a first for the volunteers of Soldiers Delight Conservation, Inc., as well as the first managed hunt at Soldiers Delight NEA.

A crew had things all set up beforehand and the volunteers arrived at 3 am to have meals ready when the hunters arrived at 4 am on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Between the two days they prepared over 125 breakfast sandwiches and about 250 cups of coffee.

Ten volunteers from seven areas of DNR worked together to make this breakfast so successful. All of the volunteers agreed they had a great time and considered it very worthwhile. They are already planning for the 2010 Managed Hunt at Soldiers Delight NEA.

Soldiers Delight Conservation, Inc. (the Friends of Soldiers Delight) is a non-profit group which assists the staff of Soldiers Delight with programs, serpentine restoration projects, exhibits and visitors' center assistance.

  The Managed Deer Hunt

“Limited bow hunting has been permitted on Soldiers Delight NEA for the past two years,” said Karina Stonesifer, Associate Director of Operations for DNR’s Wildlife and Heritage Service. “However, additional deer management measures were needed to further reduce the deer population, which is damaging the rare serpentine ecosystem on the site.”

The two-day shotgun hunt is an effective deer management tool that has been used successfully in Maryland State Parks for almost two decades. Participating hunters were chosen by lottery.

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