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The Surf Your Watershed project is a cooperative effort involving the Maryland Departments of the Environment and Natural Resources to "catalog" important environmental, socioeconomic, and programmatic information on a watershed basis. The project provides a database in which natural resources and biological information (including hydrologic, hydraulic, and water quality); bibliographic references; contacts, programs and activity descriptions; and other data can coexist and be easily obtained for watershed management, planning, and natural resource conservation programs and projects.
Watershed Indicators
A compilation of a wide variety of mapped environmental data, framed as indicators of environmental conditions in Maryland, and the stresses imposed by human activity on natural values.

Watershed Profiles
Provides profiles of a watershed's geography, ecosystem condition, industry, planning resources and watershed management activities.

Watershed Bibliography
Lists documents coded to Maryland's 8-digit watersheds that are held at the Information Resource Center (IRC) at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and at the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE).

Watershed Planning & Strategies: Conservation, Restoration, and Monitoring Projects
Provides information about various conservation, restoration, and monitoring projects in Maryland's watersheds. Access Watershed Restoration Action Strategies, (WRASs), or watershed plans, that identify priorities, opportunities, concerns, challenges, potential mitigation, restoration, and protection sites. Find out more about this program on the WRAS Homepage.

Watershed Organizations
Provides information about various organizations active in the protection and restoration of Maryland's watersheds.

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This project was funded by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency State Wetland Program Development Grant CD 993414-01-3.

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