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Education Trunks

Furbearer Education Trunk ContentsOur education trunks are a great way to walk on the WILD side! Currently, we offer three trunks for educational use. These trunks are free to borrow for one to two weeks at a time and are great for classroom teachers, naturalists, scout leaders and even home school educators to use.

  • Black Bear Education Trunk
  • Furbearer Education Trunk
  • White-tailed Deer Education Trunk

To learn more about these trunks and how to reserve them, please visit the Education Trunk page.


ProjectWild Student ManualPrintable Pages

Are you looking for easy to print student pages, supplemental materials and technology connections for the Project WILD guides? For a listing of these additional classroom resources, then please visit the national Project WILD Classroom Resource page.



Supplemental Material

Google Earth Mapping TutorialGoogle Earth Mapping Tutorial

This tutorial is an introduction to Google Earth which can be used as a mapping program for Project WILD activities like Edge of Home or Watershed. The tutorial goes over how to create placemarks, paths and polygons in Google Earth.


Maryland-Specific Information for Project WILD Activities

The PDF document contains Maryland-specific material useful for various Project WILD activities. The supplemental information is arranged by activity and includes Maryland links and additional resources to teach concepts. This PDF will be regularly updated, so check back for updates! Last update: January 2015.


Bottleneck Genes: Black-footed Ferrets-footed Ferret

This PDF document supplements the Bottleneck Genes activity. It contains a worksheet to guide students through the activity as well as updated cards to correspond with the new worksheet. Contact state coordinator if you would like the original worksheet to edit to fit your needs.



No Water off a Duck’s Back

Water Works - Illustration of a dripping faucetWater Works Template

This PDF document contains cards for different water users in the Water Works activity.



For more information and resources, please contact:

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