Deer in Spring Landscape

Deer Hunting Information

  • Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) - Updated Information

  • Maryland’s Selected Hunting and Trapping Regulations for 2014-2015 & 2015-2016

  • Deer Hunting - An Effective Management Tool

  • Landowner Liability and Recreational Access
    University of MD, Cooperative Extension Service

  • Archery Hunter Survey Report

  • Maryland Trophy Deer Contest

  • Sika Deer in Maryland

  • Managed Deer Hunting

  • Other Managed Deer Hunting Opportunities:

    There are currently managed deer hunting opportunities at the following locations.

    Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

    Montgomery County Parks

    Please contact these groups directly thru their website to obtain more information.

  • Rifle Shotgun Map for Deer Hunting in Maryland

    Maryland DNR Hunting Policy

    The Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is dedicated to helping people enjoy nature and live in harmony with our natural resources. Our goal is to maintain vibrant natural communities, with abundant wildlife resources, and diverse outdoor opportunities for recreation and economic growth.

    It is the policy of DNR to conserve and manage the wildlife resources of the State to provide safe and enjoyable hunting opportunities to the citizens of Maryland and its visitors, to manage and make available for public use and enjoyment the lands with which it has been entrusted and to improve the public's understanding and interest in the State's wildlife resources through information and outreach programs.

    DNR carries out educational and training programs to improve awareness, appreciation and conservation of Maryland's natural resources. Through coordinated programs, such as hunter education, and the provision of other recreational opportunities such as "Becoming an Outdoors Woman," our objective is to encourage sportsmanship, instill an environmental ethic and promote public safety.

    Revenues from hunting licenses and federal excise taxes on hunting equipment provide for the scientific investigation, conservation, protection and management of wildlife, as well as the training of safe and ethical hunters.

    Your stewardship and thoughtful use of our natural resources, as partners, will continue to enhance the high quality of living that we enjoy in Maryland.