Deer in Spring Landscape

Where to Hunt Sika Deer

Two state Wildlife Management Area's (WMA's) in Dorchester County offer sika hunting opportunities. For information about the 1,000-acre Taylor's Island WMA or the 20,000+-acre Fishing Bay WMA, call the district office at LeCompte WMA: 410-376-3236.

Blackwater National Wildlife refuge allows permit hunts. For more information call 410-228-2677.

Along the ocean in Worcester County, Assateague Island National Seashore allows a full season of sika hunting with separate bag limits from the state. For more information, call 410-641-3030.

Bag limits and other regulations are listed for sika deer in the Guide to Hunting and Trapping in Maryland.

In addition to holding a Maryland hunting license, the following items are a must for hunting sika deer: insect repellant, hip boots, a boat or canoe (strongly recommended on public hunting lands) and, most important of all, time, patience, and a little luck.