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Wavyleaf Basketgrass

Wavyleaf Basketgrass Invades Maryland
Photo of wavyleaf basketgrass courtesy of K.L. Kyde
It is a new invasive species in Maryland and is spreading quickly.

This forest grass from southeast Asia, wavyleaf basketgrass (Oplismenus hirtellus ssp. undulatifolius), was found about a decade ago in Patapsco Valley State Park. Before anyone realized how invasive it was, the grass had spread to cover acres of wooded ground. We are trying to prevent it from becoming as widespread as Japanese stiltgrass, a grass that has blanketed Eastern forests in the last 25 years. To read more about this grass, click on the tabs below.

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Photo depicting small pathces of wavyleaf basketgrass as it was first discovered, by K.L. Kyde

Photo depicting invasiveness of wavyleaf basketgrass, spread out on forest floor, courtesy of K.L. Kyde


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