Deer in Spring Landscape

2005 Maryland Wildlife Diversity Conservation Plan

The Maryland Wildlife Diversity Conservation Plan is now available online. This Plan was approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in May 2006. The Plan recognizes wildlife species of greatest conservation need and their key habitats.  Conservation actions needed to address threats to the key habitats are identified.  The success of this plan depends on collaboration and partnerships with all those interested in conserving Maryland's wildlife diversity.

Photo of least terns on beach



  • Importance of Maryland’s Wildlife Diversity
  • Need for a Comprehensive Plan
  • Purpose of the Plan
  • Background and Approach
  • Chapter 1: Overview of Wildlife Conservation in Maryland

  • Loss of Species and Wildlife Diversity
  • Our Changing Landscape
  • Current Threats
  • DNR’s Role in Wildlife and Habitat Conservation
  • DNR’s Partners in Wildlife and Habitat Conservation
  • Chapter 2: Maryland’s Land and Waterscape

  • Maryland’s Landscape
  • Maryland’s Waterscape and Wetlands
  • Chapter 3: Maryland’s Wildlife Resources and Species of Greatest Conservation Need

  • Distribution and Abundance
  • Species of Greatest Conservation Need (GCN)
  • Mammals of Maryland
  • Birds of Maryland
  • Reptiles and Amphibians of Maryland
  • Fishes of Maryland
  • Invertebrates of Maryland
  • Chapter 4: Key Wildlife Habitats and Their Conservation

    Chapter 5: Monitoring

    Monitoring, Evaluation and Adaptive Management
    Monitoring Framework: Monitoring GCN Species and Key Wildlife Habitats
    Adaptive Assessment Strategy: Monitoring Effectiveness of Conservation Actions

    Chapter 6: Plan Implementation, Revision and Coordination

    Plan Review and Revision
    Coordination with Federal, State, and Local Agencies and Indian Tribes
    Broad Public Participation