Deer in Spring Landscape

Public Comment Record
for Indian Springs WMA's 15-year Vision Plan

The Public Comments Period is Open Through Close of Business on February 28, 2015.

Thank you for your interest in the
Indian Springs Wildlife Management Area’s 15-year Vision Plan.

One of the larger QDMA cooperatives in the state borders ISWMA to the West, comprising 4,000 acres. We'd like to see the state get on board with us in some way and devote ISWMA to our cause. If not the whole WMA, maybe a portion of it? The Kuhn's ridge tract?

This would be a great wma to gauge public interest in QDMA and see what the long term outcome would be. – M. K., QDMA

I am an avid bird hunter. I would like to see included in the management plan the harvest of timber to create new growth providing habitat for grouse and woodcock. Thank you for allowing the hunting public a chance to voice our ideas. - A. B., NAVHDA and RGS

I am a hunter and support this plan. I feel all State owned forests should be managed so that each forest is in various stages of succession. This plan includes these forestry practices and I am in concurrence with the plan. - J. M.

I am an avid bird hunter and would like to see better/more timber harvests in all the WMA to help keep the forests healthy! - H. H., Ruffed Grouse Society Backbone Chapter

I am happy to see the work that is being done in Maryland and would like to encourage you to move forward with your plans. In addition I wish that you would keep woodland management and creation of young forests in the forefront of the planning process. As a hunter and birder I am interested in supporting our Maryland bird populations. Thanks, - J. C.

First we need to maintain a healthy ego system, wildlife habitat, and that can be accomplished by doing more timber management and creation of young forests! I'm a Hunter, Hiker, Fisherman, Hunters Education Inst. for the state of Maryland, NRA Member, NRA Range Inst. Member of the Ruffed Grouse Society, Member of Turkey Federation, Member of Pheasants Forever, Bulls-Eye Youth Shooting Inst., Outdoors Women's Life Inst., and enjoy the outdoors with my family and grand children.... Habitat and mother nature needs our help and the creation of young forests is a great start! Lets get started NOW !!!!! -T. O., Ruffed Grouse Society

It has been a few years since I have done any hunting at ISWMA, only on the Blair's Valley tract. Since then I have been busy managing my own little piece of the forest I have .

I am a true believer in what a good forestry management plan can do to benefit your natural habitat and wildlife.

After looking through your Vision Plan it looks like your on the right tract to restoring the habitat and helping the wildlife.

As for my opinion I would maintain a sound forestry management program with a focus on early successional habitat to benefit both game birds and whitetail deer, and continue to promote all hunting, trapping and fishing. - Thanks and keep up the good work, - S. E.